Personal Stationery


Personal Stationery

This is a personal package I put together to present my work to potential employers and clients. My objective was to create a design that can be used in various materials such as a portfolio, booklet, letterhead, envelope, business card, and website.

Repetition, contrast, alignment, typeface, and colour were essential elements to the design. Handmade and digital details were also central to the design. For example, the portfolio and booklet were constructed by hand using different binding methods. The business cards were printed on thick and frosted matte card stock. The logo was initially hand drawn and then transformed into a vector format so that it can be scaled easily for use in different materials.

My portfolio is a constant work in progress. I like to view each project, internship, and job as a means to a better portfolio.

Client Personal Project
Date 2015
Created by Antonella and completed by