Graphic Design

  • Planner2011-Thumbnail-Antonella-Clemenzi

    Planner 2011


    This is a planner book I put together for the year 2011. I hand drew the letters, designed the page layouts and hand bound the pages onto hardcovers.

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  • Open-Road-Thumbnail-Antonella-Clemenzi

    Open Road


    This is a concept piece for a CD release titled Open Road. The design was carried through a CD cover, inlay design, CD silkscreen, folder insert, and promotional mini-website.

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  • United-Way-Annua-Report-Thumbnail-Antonella-Clemenzi

    United Way Annual Report


    This is a concept piece of a report layout to be used for United Way’s 2008 Annual Report.

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  • Free-Rice-Thumbnail-Antonella-Clemenzi

    Free Rice


    This is a concept piece for a reveal ad campaign to run in Reader’s Digest magazine to promote the website

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  • Tarallini-Packaging-Thumbnail-Antonella-Clemenzi

    Aurora’s Tarallini


    This is a concept piece of a design package for Aurora’s Tarallini Caserecci.

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  • Toronto-Fringe-Festival-Thumbnail-Antonella-Clemenzi

    Toronto Fringe Festival


    This is a concept piece of a publicity poster for this year’s Toronto Fringe Festival.

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  • ON-Nature-Magazine-Thumbnail-Antonella-Clemenzi

    ON Nature Magazine


    This is a concept design of a feature layout for the article “Suzuki talks about the environment, science, and schools” to run in Ontario Nature magazine, including a cover design featuring this article.

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